“I’m just looking for something to help me get off these cigarettes.” “I tried those little e-cigs from the gas station and they didn’t work so I was told to go over and see Bob at Vapor Trails.”

After introductions and sharing of our mutual histories of dependence on cigarettes, our new client is shown a variety of electronic cigarettes with a range of prices to meet their budget. They are then led to the e-juice bar/station, to pick their flavor.

Recommedation: Get a flavor that's close to your tobacco brand. The reason for this is, if you start out with a non-cigarette flavor, you will begin to crave your tobacco taste and start smoking cigarettes again. The flavors are delivered in an e-juice, which comes in six different sized bottles. Recommendation: Start reasonably small (33 ml) until you find the flavor(s) you love, then GO BIG.

Eight out of ten new electronic cigarette smokers want to get as far away from nicotine as possible only to return in two or three days saying “this isn’t working for me.” Abruptly quitting smoking cigarettes is going “cold turkey.” Nicotine, while being addictive, can be gradually eliminated altogether. It’s like caffeine in coffee and soft drinks. Once they recognize “cold turkey” is impossible for them, nicotine is added to their e-juice in an amount based on the strength of their cigarettes. The nicotine strengths range from ultra lights 8-12 mg; lights 13-18 mg to full flavor 19-24 mg. Doctors send their patients to “Big Vape” Vapor Trails, because we have a plan. As months go by, some client’s crave less nicotine and some begin using none at all. Others may quit vaping altogether while others just enjoy the pleasure of inhaling, tasting the flavors and seeing the big “plume of vapor”. Offering tasty flavors is a BIG PLUS!